Double-mouldboard plough with a subsoiler




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Double mouldboard plough with a subsoiler

Double mouldboard plough with a subsoiler has been designed for a spring and autumn soil preparation (ploughing, subsoiling and pulverizing). After disassembling the subsoiler it can be used for ploughing without subsoiling. The main advantage of the device is an independent work of the plough and the subsoiler and also very strong frame structure. Ploughing a furrow of 65 cm width with soil loosening simultaneously allows for performing both actions in a shorter
time than in a case each action is performed separately. What is more, application of the plough aggregated with a subsoiler provides a better quality of soil preparation, especially of its loosening, as the subsoiler combined with the plough is always dragged in the middle of the furrow at a constant depth.

- Length 2839 mm
- Width 1687 mm
- Height 1550 mm
- Weight 900 - 1150 kg
- Required trctor power: 86 kW (115 HP) (AWD recommended)
- Ploughing depth: Up to 150 mm
- Ploughing width: Up to 650 mm
- Soil softening depth: Up to 500 mm

The plough has CE mark.

Blades are made from Hardox. Moldboard, share and chisel are made from highly wear-resistant steel.

The plough can be delivered in three versions:
1. With subsoiler
2. Without subsoiler
3. With disc coulter

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Konrad Buczyński
handlowiec: Kuhn, Ventura, Pronar, Zetor, Prokmar
667 733 014


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